Zhoushan IMC

Zhoushan IMC-Yongue Shipyard & Engineering Co. Ltd. (IMC-YY) is one of the largest Sino-foreign joint-venture ship-repair, ship building and engineering enterprises in China. Backed by our professional management team and skilled technicians, IMC-YY has the capability to handle complex and sophisticated repair jobs in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

We believe trust has to be earned, and we earn our clientÂ’s trust by building up a reputation for quality control, technical excellence and high standard of workmanship on the vessels repaired or constructed by us.

The location of IMC-YY is the key to our success. Strategically located at Mazhidao, which is only about 500 meters from the famous deep water fishing port – Shenjiamen Zhoushan. It is approximately 40 minutes by plane from Shanghai, or two and half hours by car from Ningbo. In addition, the vessels require less than two days sailing from Japan and Korea with minimal deviation to reach our yard.
IMC-YY has a well-established network of clients from over 20 countries including Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and United Kingdom.

The main facilities:

Dock Length/beam (m) Depth over the keel blocks Capacity Cranes
Dock No. 1 350 x 65 13,6 m 300.000t dwt 40 mt
Dock No.2 251 x 39 11,8 m 100.000t dwt 25 mt