Terragon Environmental Technologies

Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. offers technologies for the environmentally safe, on-site elimination of waste, while maximizing the recovery of valuable resources contained within the waste, such as energy and clean water.

Terragon is a Canadian engineering company that develops and commercializes highly innovative and practical waste elimination products. Terragon aims to revolutionize current waste management practices by enabling ships, and any small human habitat, to treat their waste on-site while benefiting from the recovered resources.

Terragon offers two waste treatment appliances, MAGS™ (Micro Auto Gasification System) for the elimination of solid waste and sludge oil and the WETT™ (Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology) for sewage and oily water treatment. MAGS, a commercially available product, is a simple and compact gasification system that converts solid organic waste and sludge oil into bio-char and syngas. The syngas is used as the main fuel for the process, replacing conventional diesel and thus rendering MAGS a self-fuelling waste elimination system.

Thermal energy is also recovered from the system for use as hot water and space heating. WETT, a technology in the late stages of development, is an exceptionally effective, small-scale electrolytic wastewater treatment technology for ships and communities, which uses neither biological systems nor chemicals to remove contaminants from blackwater, greywater and oily water.