SunRui is the subsidiary company of CSIC. SunRui is engaged in research, design, manufacture, engineering and project contracting of corrosion control and water treatment technologies as well as products. SunRui provides Technologies and products for cathodic protection, electrolytic generation of sodium hypochlorite, ballast water treatment, seawater desalination, ships and marine platforms anti fouling systems, ships coating and sewage treatment plans .The technologies and products have been widely applied in shipping industry, marine engineering, transportation systems, power stations and nuclear power stations, oil pipelines and storage, petrochemical facilities as well as other worldwide projects.

With over 50 years of research experience, SunRui owns a world leading test and measurement facility operated by an excellent team of technicians. SunRui has been granted the highest Contracting Certification on corrosion control, as well as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004H&S GB/T28001-2001, Management System certification and Certifications from LR, DNV, BV and CCS.
SunRui has been engaged for over 20 years in research and development of Sodium Hypochlorite and has undertaken 12 projects for nuclear power stations and more than 100 power plants. The most recent product of this technology is the BalClor Ballast Water Treatment System, which is developed based on the land based electrolytic technology. The systems core technology is to electrolyze seawater onboard directly to produce sodium hypochlorite solution for disinfection, followed by neutralizing the residual chlorine before de-ballasting.

Ballast Water Management System
The treatment process of BalClor™ BWMS is mainly consisted of the following three procedures:
Filtration—Ballast water is filtrated by an automatic backwashing filter with 50µm mesh to remove marine organisms and sediments larger than 50µm in dimension.
Disinfection—A small side stream of the filtered ballast water is delivered to the electrolysis unit to generate oxidant in high concentration (mainly sodium hypochlorite solution), which will be injected back into the main ballast stream to provide effective disinfection. Sodium hypochlorite solution as a very effective germicide can be kept in ballast water for a certain period of time to effectively kill the plankton, spores, larvae and pathogens in order to meet D-2 standard.
Neutralization—After the above procedures, once the TRO level of the treated ballast water is under 0.1ppm, neutralizer (sodium thiosulfate solution) will be added into the de-ballasting pipes to neutralize oxidants automatically.

This Electrolyzing Side-stream Seawater Technology has low-carbon emissions, is environmental friendly and easy to modify and reform.