For more than three decades Steelpaint GmbH improves the durability of industrial facilities, especially for steel hydraulic constructions. Thanks to 1-component-polyurethan-adhesive-agents the high-tech Steelpaint coatings raise standards in corrosion prevention. Steelpaint products are tested and licensed by the Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau, BAW, Karlsruhe. Of course they are certified as per ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001:2004.

Compared to conventional epoxy-based coatings this 1 component systems offer impressive advantages, such as:

• suitability for application at temperatures ranging from -5° C to +50° C

• application at relative humidity levels up to 98 %

• reliable adhesion on nearly every surface even when damp

• sustainable resilience – no embrittlement

This implies that main conditions for coating like temperature and humidity are nearly negligible, due to these advantages steelpaint products economize precious time and money. Mixing failures by staff members onboard are no longer a problem.

Several owners already made good experiences with test coatings onboard during the last 5 years. Meanwhile it´s an established and proven corrosion protection system, also including “Grain Certificate”, if necessary.

Even for maintenance of ballast tank coatings the present humidity becomes an ally in the curing process of our 1 component PU-Zinc. With mechanical discing standard you get an active corrosion protection system onto steel surfaces. Ballasting with salt water short time after applicating this coatings is not a problem anymore. These are the experiences we made with hydraulic constructions within more than 30 years.

We’d be pleased to present you numerous possibilities and advantages of working with this long lasting coatings, you could benefit of while using them for new buildings and/ or maintenance in special areas.