Sefine Shipyard

Sefine Shipyard was established in 2005. It is located in Yalova, Turkey occupying 140 000 sqm prime bay area for ship building and repair. It holds investment leadership in the shipbuilding industry in terms of capital outlay and human resources development.

The Shipyard has delivered thirteen projects since 2008 and seven new projects are currently under construction. A significant milestone has been achieved by producing a complete design package of the 13,000 DWT General Cargo Vessels and 86m Car/Passenger Ferries; from the concept design to 3D modeling, workshop drawings and steel plate nestings, all by our Design Office. The Shipyard has been focused on handling potential Navy projects and Offshore / Fishing Vessels as its future strategy and spending an utmost effort to be involved in this Market.

The shipyard possesses the biggest Dry Dock in the Alt?nova region which started operations in 2010. It has a capacity of Big Panamax size vessel. Depending on the response to the new yard from the market, we could be looking to add a second-hand floating dock to our facility shortly.


The main facilities:

Length/beam (m) Depth over the keel blocks Lifting capacity (T) Cranes (T)
Dry Dock 240×42 9,0m
Slipway 160×60