Seaspan Shipyards

With more than 100 years of ship construction and repair experience and an extensive range of modern facilities and equipment, Seaspan Shipyards have built an unmatched reputation for quality performance, customer service, reliability, integrity, technical expertise, and efficiency. Conveniently located on Canada’s West Coast in Vancouver and Victoria, our three full-service shipyards regularly service a large variety of vessels, including cruise ships, tankers, Ro-Ro’s, Naval and Coast Guard vessels, research and specialty vessels, ferries, tugs, barges, fishing vessels, yachts, etc.

Vancouver Facilities (Vancouver Shipyards & Vancouver Drydock) (Victoria Shipyards):
Vessels up to 82m in length, 21.34m in breadth, and 1,200t are docked by Vancouver Shipyards’ Syncrolift marine elevator. 1000 meters of a rail transfer system allow the simultaneous docking of multiple vessels at the 15 hectare yard that services the extensive Seaspan fleet and has forged a solid reputation for the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of all types of vessels.
Vancouver Drydock has established expertise in the overhaul of ferries, cargo ships, cruise ships, large specialized barges and other large vessels, and has completed several major mid-life upgrades and conversions of BC Ferry Services’ fleet of ‘C’ class ferries.  The yard also engages in new construction projects.
Vancouver Drydock can service vessels up to 85,000 DWT.  It’s facilities include the Panamax Drydock with a 36,000t lift capacity, measuring 221m over aprons, 204m over 5 pontoons x 59m beam overall, 45.8m inside, and 8.8m depth (over blocks); as well as the self-contained Drydock “Seaspan Careen” with a 30,000t lift capacity, measuring 131m (over single pontoon) x 48.8m beam overall x 33.5m inside

Victoria Facilities:
Located on the federally owned 358.6 meter Esquimalt Graving Dock (measuring 38.4 meters width, 10 meters depth, and with wing wall pockets for cruise ship stabilizer deployment), Victoria Shipyards are the largest ship repair company on Canada’s Pacific Coast. Recognized internationally for its capabilities and expertise in the repair and conversion of cruise ships, and large complex vessels up to 100,000 dwt, the yard’s ability to handle complex projects efficiently and in a timely manner, its superior quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service, paired with progressive management, flexibility, and cooperative working practices are well known in the marine industry.
Victoria Shipyards have access to 2,000 ft. of deep water wharfage. Emergency repair services are available 24 hours, 7 days per week, at anchor – at berth – or during voyage.

The main facilities:

Dock Length/beam in m Depth over the keel blocks Lifting capacity Cranes
Vancouver Drydock Dock 1 220 x 45,8 36.000 mt Up to 85 mt
Vancouver Drydock Dock 2 131 x 30
Graving dock (Victoria,Esquimalt) 358,6 x 38,4 10,0 m Up to150 mt