ROG Ship Repair

ROG Ship RepairROG Ship Repair is one of the leading ship repair companies, with an open sea accessible, strategic and ISPS location in the main ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
Alongside the jetties there are lay-by facilities for (marine, sea-going and Jack Up) vessels up to 190 m length, 60 m breadth and 9.5 m draft. ROG offers heavy lift crane capacity and a large yard area of more than 14,000 sqm with a fully equipped workshop.
Over the years they have serviced a wide variety of clients, and dealt with a great number of scheduled and unscheduled repair and maintenance jobs. When ROG Ship Repair promise to deliver they get the job done, on time and within budget. Meet them at their location in the Port of Rotterdam in the Waalhaven O.Z., Pier 4, Port Number 2226, Drutenstraat 7, 3087 CC.
The name change comes a six months after Rotterdam Offshore Group acquired Serdijn Ship Repair.

ROG Ship Repair is a subsidiary of Rotterdam Offshore Group, and will focus on the following four business services:
1) Yard repairs and conversions: The expertise ranges from collision repair involving hull steel work to complete engine overhaul and maintenance and repair work on generators, pumps, winches, hydraulic systems, cranes, hatches etc.
2) Port repairs: With full-service repair trucks, ROG is able to solve all kinds of work in- situ and with floating equipment ROG has a wide range of capabilities performing work throughout the Rotterdam port area.
3) Voyage Repairs: ROG has the ability to mobilize “flying squads”, which will come on board with their mobile workshop for the steel, welding, piping or mechanical work required.
4) High end On Site Mechanical Services: Alignments, vibration and 3D measurements, 3D scanning and on-site machining.

They are now able to create new and better ways to serve their customers and enhance the quality, safety and environmental care of their work. You can expect that drive to continue as ROG move forward.

Dutch Offshore Base Amsterdam
Dutch Offshore Base has a strategic and ISPS and AEO location in the main port of Amsterdam. There are lay-by facilities for (marine, sea-going and jack up) vessels and there is 800 m of quays available, with a deep sea quay of up to 500 m length, 60 m breadth and 15 m draft. Dutch Offshore Base offers heavy lift crane capacity up to 1.400 t, a large open yard area of more than 100.000 m² and warehouse space of 30.000 m². Located at Ruijgoordweg 80, Westpoort 7070, 1047 HM Amsterdam.