Pregol Shiprepair Yard

PREGOL Shiprepair Yard located in the ice-free port of Kaliningrad (the South coast of the Baltic Sea) provides full range of shiprepair services for maintaining ships in the complete technical readiness. PREGOL has the most modern equipment, uses the latest shiprepair technologies and operates three floating docks from 4,500 to 5,500 tons lifting capacity.

The yard repairs more than one hundred vessels of various types every year. Highly qualified staff and extensive experience in ship repair permit to perform work of any complexity, from emergency repair to major overhaul and modernization, including:
* Engineering support
* Repair and manufacture of ship steel constructions
* Repair of hatch covers, lifting equipment and hydraulic systems
* Repair of propulsion
* Repair of mechanical equipment and piping systems
* Repair of automatics, radio navigation and electric equipment
* Interior works

The main facilities:

Length/beam (m) Depth over the keel blocks Lifting capacity (T) Cranes
Dock No 442
5,4 m
4500 2×5 tons
Dock No 430 130,2×19,6 6,0 m
5200 2×5 tons
Dock No 675 110,2×19,7 3,5 m
4500 1×5 tons

All docks could use dock pier crane (32 tons), floating crane (40 tons) and autocrane (40 tons) in addition to dock cranes.