Offshore Inland

Our „Shipyard At Sea“
Beginning in 1983, Offshore Inland established itself as the premier source for hydraulic service & repair for industrial plants. In the 1990`s, with the dramatic growth in oil & gas, the company grew its services & capabilities to support offshore drilling & production companies, sub- sea service companies, as well as the ocean-going marine industry.

Officially established in 2000, Offshore Inland’s Marine & Oilfield (OIM&O) division embarked on a mission to deliver high-quality Engineering, Procurement, Installation, and Construction (EPIC) services. Today, OIM&O is an independent company providing a range of services such as heavy steel fabrication, high-pressure pipe systems, crane installations, and mechanical repairs. Based in Mobile, Alabama, the company’s focus is on completing large and small dockside projects in Mobile Bay using local dock facilities. Additionally, OIM&O excels in extending this service delivery across the East and Gulf Coasts, offshore in the GOM, and internationally.

Ideally positioned, Offshore Inland Marine & Oilfield has direct access to a number of deepwater dockside facilities for the turnkey support of vessel repairs and modifications, subsea project mobilization, Rig overhaul and special surveys, as well as large dockside fabrication / equipment loadouts.  Mobility and flexibility make OIM&O unique and the right choice for work that historically would have required leaving a day-rate job and transiting to a shipyard. Instead, OIM&O brings the “shipyard” to you! Wherever vessels are, OIM&O dispatches the fully equipped mobile repair team to tackle the job. Moreover, whether topside or offshore, OIM&O tailors service requests to meet a customer’s specific needs, from surveys, planning, schedules, and logistics to actual mobilization, we are the complete package for on-site repairs.