Oceantrans Marine Sevices

Oceantrans Marine Services Co.,Ltd. is providing high quality and products in the marine field in China and in many countries all over the world, since 1999.
Headed in Qingdao, OTMS has branch offices in Dalian, Guangzhou, Nantong, Shanghai, Shanhaiguan, Shenzhen, etc
Along the years till today, Oceantrans has expanded activities step by step, so far the business scope covering ship’s repairing & spare parts supply etc.
MISSION “With its diversified services, the company can react to our customers’ demands quickly, hence providing repairs/products within optimum periods and of attractive prices as well.

The goal of our company is to establish long-term good cooperation with owners all across the world by our reliable and timely services. And our team of skilled engineers is dedicated to strict quality control and providing genuine customer care and supporting in the difficult and demanding areas for shipping industry.

All above could not be accomplished without our good customers’ long standing trust and great kindness to us, therefore, we sincerely look forward to your kind requisitions and we will always exhaust out best to meet your satisfaction.

If you are interested in our services/products please do not hesitate to contact with us, we will offer you our best.”

1. Afloat Repair covering Chinese Mainland ports, including:
Fitter work
Electricity Work
Steel Work
Underwater Work
Ship stores/spare parts supply and other sundry
Automation & Hydraulic Work

2. Drydock Repair
We have our own dry dock in our Xixiakou shipyard, Weihai City (OTMS and Xixiakou Shipyard belong to same group, Xixiakou Group, China)

Dock Length/Beam (m) Draft over keelblocks (m) Capacity Cranes
No. 1 240 x 38 10,5 2pcs.up to 40t
No. 2 205 x 28 10,5 2pcs.up to 40t