Navikon SRY Ltd.
72-602 Swinoujscie
Poland; P.O. Box1

Navikon is the name of a group of Polish privet ship repair companies. The leading company Navikon SRY Ltd has been established in 1991 and is situated in Swinoujscie, the two subsidiaries Navikon-Stal and Navikon Paint are situated in Szczecin.

The activity of the company are conversions and repairs of ships with general repairs, steel work (GL, BV, RR, ABS), paint work including tank coating with epoxy paint, pipe work and hetch cover repairs. In Swinoujscie the yard has an own repair berth of 300m length with a max. draught of 7m and max. cranage of 20/50 tons.

Navikons recipe of success:
1. Comprehensive Service
2. Efficent logistic management in co-operation with the client
3. Price shaped adequately to real execution cost
4. Confidence, Trust, punctual service
5. Care for good image of the Company and co-operation with best subcontractors
6. Modern technologies and equipment
7. Quality management