MARSAL Waste Management Ltd

“You CAN`T stop” the generation of waste on board but you CAN dramatically reduce the volume!

MARSAL Waste Management Ltd has developed a range of Marine Balers/Compactors specifically designed for use onboard commercial sea going vessels of all types.

The range of nine Marine Compactors allows freedom of choice for discerning ship owners/operators that are conscious of their waste disposal activities and the need for recycling that is becoming an ever increasing matter for consideration.

MARSAL offers a Standard unit as well as Water and Explosion Proof Models throughout the range.

The Marine Series is specifically designed to ensure ease of installation and operation.

Dimensions are kept to a minimum and with a depth of 600mm the units do not require any “hot work” in way of doorways for internal installations.

This Marine Balers are able to compact most, if not all soft waste materials generated onboard, such as:

• Paper
• Cardboard
• Plastic Bottles and Drums (up to 25Ltr)
• Packaging Materials
• Tin/Aluminum Cans
• Paint/oil Drums (up to 25Ltr)

Offering a compaction ratio of up to 12:1 (Plastics) these Machines can drastically reduce the storage space required as well as the waste disposal costs that are levied during port visits.