Huarun Dadong Dockyard (HRDD) Co., Ltd. was invested by China Resources Machinery & Minmetals (Holdings) Co., Ltd., Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. (H&Z), China Yatong Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Datong NGS Industries Co., Ltd. in 1995.

HRDD is one of the major repair yards in China. It is located at the bell mouth of the Yangtze River on Chongming Island, opposite to the entrance to Shanghai Port, which is ideal for ship repair without deviation. Its gifted location provides ship owners an ideal choice to repair vessel in an economical way as well as time saving.

The yard has integral ship repair facilities qualified to undertake all kinds of repair and conversion of various vessels. It is famous especially for their fast service for large container vessel and several conversion projects such as VLCC to VLOC and single hull to double hull tanker. Beside their two VLCC docks, the two panama docks and the one handy size dock the yard offers several jetties and 1200m of berthing with up to 8m draft.

The main facilities:

Docs Length/beam (m) Depth over the keel blocks Lifting capacity (T) Cranes (T)
Huadong 280×45 6,8m 33.000 2×20
Dadon 340×52 7,8m 48.000 2×20
Rundong 195×36,5 6,8m 18.000 2×20
Xingdong 240×38 6,8m 22.000 2×20
Dry Dock 380×103 4×50
1 grantry crane