Chantier Davie Canada Inc

Davie-LogoDavie is Canada’s largest and highest capacity shipyard and industrial fabricator headquartered in Lévis, Quebec with locations in Ottawa and Victoria. With over 185 years of experience, Davie has built over 700 ships and rigs catering to nearly all market segments.

Strategically located on a busy shipping lane on the eastern Seaboard, Davie is able to provide high-quality, high-spec vessels for use in harsh environments as well as service, repair and maintain commercial and naval vessels. Davie’s primary business focus are shipbuilding and ship repair (cargo vessels, ferries, war ships, oil and gas rigs and service vessels, ice class vessels) and heavy, large scale fabrication services (power, transport, natural resources, civil engineering).

Certified to ISO 9001:2008, Davie leverages its high capacity fabrication facilities with its advanced project management and engineering capability to manage end-to-end construction projects and provide best-practice throughlife solutions to its corporate and governmental clients.
Davie’s capability to provide end-to-end turnkey solutions as well as strategic location makes Davie the partner of choice for clients across a broad range of industries from offshore oil & gas and defence to passenger transportation industries.

SHIPYARD AREA                                         570 000 sq. m. (57 hectares).

WATER FRONT                                            2000 metres with 700 metres of sheet pile and concrete caissons type quays.

CONSTRUCTION BERTHS Berth                  2 and 3: 200 m x 32 m
Berth 4 and 5: 250 m x 60 m
Covered Slipway: 150m x 20m

DRY DOCKS                                                CHAMPLAIN
Total length to sliding caisson gate 351.6 m
Clear inside length in inner section 194.53 m
Clear inside length in outer section 147.14 m
Width at gate 36.57 m

Clear inside length of dock 182.57 m
Width at entrance 18.89 m

BUILDINGS                                                  57 (over 55,000 square meters of workshops)

Steel shops 27 500 sq. m.
Mechanical & Services shops 16 600 sq. m.
Stores and warehouses 10 900 sq. m.
Offices 1 300 sq. m.

STEEL OUTPUT                                          20 000+ metric tons per year.