Carell SA

Carell SA is located in Piraeus, Greece, and offers a broad range of modern facilities, a wealth experience and expertise to meet the repair and refurbishment needs of ship owners and operators in a timely, cost effective and high quality manner.

The location offers excellent deep water accessibility from all directions, being no more than one day sailing from the Black Sea, Suez Canal or the west Mediterranean.
Carell can accommodate vessels up to 200 m length and 30 m breadth by hiring one of the 4 state docks. Larger size, up to 421 x 75 m, can be accommodated by hiring one of the facilities of the major yards in the area.

CARELL S.A. with the experience of more than 65 years can guarantee safe and high performed docking/afloat repairs.

Range of Services:
Dry Docking
Underwater Cleaning and Painting
Slop Receptions
Condition Surveys and Evaluations
Steel and Pipe Works
Mechanical and Machinery Works
Electrical Works
Blasting – Coating

All size of Docks up to VLCC