Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry

Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry EAD is the largest enterprise for shipbuilding, shiprepair and ship conversion in Bulgaria in view of the volume of the production and the size of the ships being built and repaired, technology and production organization.
The main assets of the company include the large and the small dry docks and 800t and 500t cranes.
The shipyard builds and repairs ships of up to 100 000 DWT.

Over 850 vessels for owners of 27 countries have been built for the 100 years long history of the shipyard.
The product portfolio comprises Tankers, Container Ships, Bulk Carriers, General cargo Ships, Coal Carriers and Multipurpose ships.
The main customers are European shipowning companies having large fleet.

The production facilities of the shipyard allow for common, class, special and intermediate surveys.
Since 2004 when Bulyard acquired Varna shipyard’s assets by January 2012 more than 160 vessels have been repaired.

The main facilities:

Dock Length/beam (m) Depth over keelblocks Capacity Cranes
Dock 1 237 x 40 75.000 dwt Up to 800 mt
Dock 2 187 x 28 25.000 dwt Up to 500 mt