Brightsun Marine

Brightsun Marine Pte Ltd,  provider of Reliable & Comprehensive Quality Ship Repairs in Singapore.
Brightsun Marine based in Singapore provides a comprehensive ship repair services since 1998. Brightsun was formed by a team of Technopreneurs with an in-depth knowledge of ship repairs and maintenance.
Brightsun adopts a customer centric service delivery which are reliable and competitively priced.
Brightsun provides 24×7 repair services to marine industry, broadly in the areas of Marine Hull, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation Engineering and services, with a team of over 500 technical personnel along with workshop of over 60,000 square feet which is equipped with a wide range of facilities under one roof spread.
Brightsun is ISO 9001:2008 certified andhas a strict safety policy with WSHA accredited BizStar Level and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Quality Service Offerings:
Mechanical Repairs & Renewals
Electrical Repairs & Renewals
Repair & Renewals of Instrumentation and Control Systems
Repair & Renewal of Piping Systems
Insulation Works
Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Erection and Commissioning of Equipments
Repairs and Renewal of Hydraulics & Pneumatics
In-situ Machining & Laser Alignment
Engine Component Reconditioning
Voyage & Anchorage repairs for all of the above

Engine Component Reconditioning
DNV Class Approved Welding for Repairs
Defric Coating of auxiliary engine piston crowns
Reconditioning and repairing of cylinder covers, piston skirt, piston crown, exhaust valve seat, cage, and spindle, and other marine engine components
Reconditioning, repairing and chrome plating of piston rods
Pre-grinding, chrome plating and final grinding of piston crown and exhaust valve spindle of all sizes and engines
Annealing services for all components

Facilities for Engine Component Reconditioning
A full range of PTA, MIG and TIG welding machines, weld positioners and manipulators
Grinding machines for piston ring groove of 4 mm and above
4 Chrome Tanks each at 3mL X 4mD
Large furnace for pre and post heat treatment of components