Bremerhavener Dock GmbH

Bredo is one of the leading shipyards for repair located in the city of Bremerhaven, 32 nautical miles from the North Sea. The facilities of Bredo include 4 floating docks, an own repair pier as well as manufacturing and assembly halls in the harbour area. Besides their own staff Bredo has established a network of specialist to resource as much manpower as required, all working around the clock. An optimized planning and realization of construction, repair and conversion work makes Bredo to one of the fastest repair shipyards in Northern Europe.

Bredo has well equipped specialists for all kind of repair and conversion works to assure a high quality full service. Being the last independent shipyard in Bremerhaven, Bredo is always giving its best to perform the optimal solution for you.

Facilities of Bredo

Floating Docks Length/beam(m) Draft (m) Capacity Cranes
Dock 1 16.4 x 116 4.80 4.000 7.5 t/12 m
5 t/20 m
Dock 2 14.5 x 75 5.00 1.000 7.5 t/12 m
Dock 3 23.9 x 158 6.80 7.500 7.5 t/12 m
Dock 4 30.58 x 170 6.60 12.000 10 t/10 m
5 t/30 m