Bludworth Marine

Bludworth MarineBludworth Marine is a shipyard and emergency repair specialist operating off the Texas Gulf Coast. Bludworth Marine’s primary service revolves around the repair of all types and sizes of vessels. It is their years of experience, convenient locations, and reputation for honest work that has put them at the top of their clients call list for both simple and emergency repairs. Headquartered in Houston, Texas and servicing the U.S. Gulf Coast on a daily basis, Bludworth Marine’s extensive network of vendors and port contacts allow a seamless process from start to finish. Whether you bring your vessel to them or they go to it, you may rest assured that it will be serviced by the most capable professionals in the industry.

Topside Repairs
Most repairs & maintenance can be completed dockside as your vessel completes its regular operations. In these situations, Bludworth Marine can send teams anywhere in the world to complete the project.

Dry Dock Repairs
When a repair must be completed out of water, Bludworth Marine has a variety of options available to you on your vessel’s next voyage on the Texas Gulf, including drydock and AirLift capacities.

Foreign Flag
In Bludworth Marine’s experience, it is often the preference of these companies to perform a temporary repair so that the vessel may return to its home nation. They can help your company work through local and class regulation so that the vessel may return to operating status.

Your vessel needs repairs, right now. Bludworth Marine’s expertise and reliability is available 24/7. Make them your first call.


Location Type Max Length Max Beam Max Depth Capacity
Galveston Graving Dock 300 97 9 n/a
Pier 38 Dock 500 180 30 n/a
Orange Dry Dock n/a 82 18 1,500 tons
Orange Dock Space 1800 n/a 20 n/a

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