ASTANDER provides first class facilities for any kind of ship repairs and conversions. The experience and skill gained during the more than 100 years presence of ASTANDER in international ship building, conversion and repair markets, together with the modernization and updating programs continuously being developed in the yard, have put ASTANDER among the leading yards in the world, specialized in Conversions.

All kinds of repairs on all types of ships are carried out at ASTANDER shipyard. However, it is the high specialization reached in upgradings and conversions what has made ASTANDER
a necessary reference point when time comes for sophisticate conversion jobs.

QUALITY and SAFETY standards in ASTANDER, together with a strong commitment to our clients in the way of flexibility, transparency, tailor make for the needs of every customer, prices and completion times give ASTANDER its main strength: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!

ASTNDER is located at the Southern end of the Port of Santander, on Spain’s northern coast and near to the commercial ports of Bilbao, Pasajes and Gijon. This geographical area (Bilbao-Santander-Gijón) has always been linked to the Marine Industry, which assures all kinds of qualified workmanship, technical assistance and supplies that could be needed, no matter how sophisticated the requirement may be. Ship owners and operators calling at ASTANDER have the additional benefit of mild climatic conditions in Santander all the year round.

The main facilities:

Dock Length/beam in m Depth over keel blocks Lifting capacity Cranes
Drydock No.1
160 x 23,8
Dock 1 – 5m 2 x 30 t
Drydock No. 2 230 x 32 Dock 2 – 8m 1 x 200 t; 1 x 40 t
Slipway 85 x 14,1 1500 mt 1 x 25 t